Why Choose KA Kombucha?

Welcome to Karmic Action! We are a new company looking to make a big impact. Created in response to the many traumas facing our community in 2020, KA Kombucha is our first project currently brewing in loving partnership with Perennial Yoga and Surya Cafe. We feel supported here to grow through the shadows, in order to shine our light. Please, come along!

We choose to brew kombucha because it supports everyday health. Our kombucha will kick your gut health into high gear. This living, loving beverage is alkalizing and boosts the immunity of your precious body. Kombucha provides vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and herbal boosts. It won’t spike your blood-sugar or have you cruisin’ on caffeine.

We do it right. Using all organic and locally sourced ingredients, we use nothing but the best to brew and enhance our beverages. Every dollar we spend goes to optimizing our sustainability and supporting small business in our community.

We can’t wait to see what happens next! At Karmic Action, we aim to please your taste buds to keep you coming back for more of this vibrant drink.

But also, our long term goals are BIG!

Our small-batch kombucha will not just produce huge SCOBYs. It will support programs to uplift underprivileged groups in Wisconsin. And sadly, we know that there are many. So, building our foundation today, we spend our start-up dollars at local businesses and kindly ask you to do the same. Let’s be the friends and consumers this world needs, together!

We hope you enjoy our drinks and continue to come back to see what’s brewing. In order to make our kombucha the one you’ve been looking for, please provide feedback after you try it. Because baby, this one is for you!

To gut health and brighter futures for all!

XO Michelle and John, the creators of Karmic Action

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